Okuma CB-60 reels

Problems... | 15/5/2019
Nothing is ever straightforward, is it? I recently took delivery of the Okuma Custom Black CB-60 reels I talk about here. And they're great: good-looking, smooth, well-built - and they come with a freespool-to-locked-up-in-3/4-of-a-turn drag. I'd ... Read More
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Quick-dragging a reel - postscript

I broke one! | 5/5/2019 | Comments: 8
Well now that's a pisser...  Everything had been going well with my BPX reel quick drag conversions, as I discuss here.  Last night I was having another play with the reels - as you do - and I noticed that one of them ... Read More
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Quick-dragging a reel

Pretty pleased with myself about this... | 1/5/2019 | Comments: 1
I mention in another post that I like a bargain when it comes to my fishing tackle. So although I could easily have sprung for something more expensive, when the urge recently struck for a (mini) "big pit" reel (or three) - an urge ... Read More
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Single-Hook Rigs

Safe, kind rigs for pike | 25/4/2019
As part of my plan to get back to being an active angler (this is not a contradiction in terms...) I'm going to have a serious crack at single-hook pike rigs. Treble hooks on pike traces have been the norm for as long as I've fished ... Read More
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Early Retirement

A big step... | 22/4/2019
No, a big step. But I had my reasons. Obviously... In one sense it's a no-brainer: most people would - I reckon - be ready for something new after forty-odd years of earning a living with the same - increasingly bad ... Read More
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HOW much?

There are bargains out there! | 22/4/2019
I've never bought into the intellectually lazy meme that "you get what you pay for..." I've lost count of the number of times I've landed some piece of gear that has punched way above its pecuniary weight... So it ... Read More
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